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Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Company Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer of container house and steel structure building products. In addition to high quality steel structural buildings and container houses, we also provide materials and components, such as our steel frame, wall and roof system, screws and bolts, waterfall pipe, container house corner fitting, and so on. Shengbang products are ideal for such buildings as a barn, factory, warehouse, gymnasium, logistics center, opera house, temporary building, and many other applications.

Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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  • Gable Frame Steel Structure Building
  • Gable Frame Steel Structure BuildingThis product is lightweight and its steel volume of bearing structure is in the range of 20 kg to 50kg per square meter. Its dead weight ranges from 1/20 to 1/3 of reinforced concrete structure. Therefore, this structure greatly reduces damages from earthquake and lessens its foundation costs.
    It comes with short construction period and high economic benefits.
    The arrangement of columns is quite flexible.
  • Truss Steel Structure Building
  • Truss Steel Structure BuildingCompared with solid web girder, our truss steel structure building comes with higher bending strength because the tension and compression section are arranged on both ends. While in the aspect of shear resistance, it will pass shear force to the support gradually by reasonable arrangement of the web member. All in all, our product makes full use of materials strength, suitable for various span roof structures.
  • Sandwich Panel Assembled Type Container House
  • Sandwich Panel Assembled Type Container HouseSandwich panel assembled type container house is characterized by its competitive price, modular assembly, convenience and efficiency, ideal for temporary residence of construction site, temporary office, schools, and low-income housing, etc. It consists of sandwich panel roof system, sandwich panel wall and steel frame. In our company, EPS sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel and rockwool sandwich panel are optional.
  • Light Steel Framed Assembled Container House
  • Light Steel Framed Assembled Container HouseLight steel framed assembled container house has the combined features of Sandwich panel assembled type and light steel framed assembled type. It is ideally suitable for apartment houses, hotels with a certain level of comfort, etc. Steel structure of wall system is produced from quality cold rolled and continuous hot-dip zinc galvanising of coil. The wall is filled with glass fiber, coming with good thermal insulation property and sound insulation performance.
  • Modified Container House
  • Modified Container HouseThis product is movable at any time, coming with good durability, long service life, beautiful and high applicability. Apart from these features, it also offers the advantages of burglary prevention, fireproof, quakeproof, typhoon-against and other good performances. More decoration materials are optional to make this product more beautiful and comfortable. It keeps the standard dimensions of shipping container, so it is easy to hoist and transport and convenient to use and maintain.